One of the biggest challenges for Network Marketers is finding time to work their businesses. Lydia Martin shares the 4 key parts of your business you should focus on when time is limited.

You will learn How To Work Your Network Marketing Business In 1 Hour A Day.

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How To Work Your Network Marketing Business In 1 Hour A Day

Colin: When you come to working or your business how do you prioritize that, the different steps to it? I know there’s definitely a prospecting step, there’s a customer service follow up step, and there’s a training and coaching.

Lydia Martin: It gets overwhelming especially once you build a team because you’re trying to balance your personal business, your team.

Honestly I learned all of that from Belinda. Belinda Elsworth has this program called the Power Hour.

In that program she breaks up an hour, even if it’s not all in a row, but she breaks your business up into fifteen minute increments and each increment is very focused, so one increment is focused on sales and bookings and filling your calendar.

The other is on following up with your recruit leads. Another one is following up with your new team members and then your performers, and there’s just lots of different things that get you to focus like customer care.

So many people miss out on business because they don’t take care of those they’ve already worked with.

Fifteen minutes of customer care is following up with those customers and thanking them for their order.

How are you liking it? How’s it going? Do you need ideas or tips or help and I just think that goes so far because I think some people, if you want referrals, if you want to be the one that they talk about at the water cooler, it’s all about customer service, huge.

That’s how I would prioritize my time if I had fifteen minutes, it was in one of those areas. It wasn’t pushing papers.

I love paperwork. I’m one of those people, I could just play with papers and you know, a lot of it’s electronic but still, the thing I learned very quickly, it’s not paperwork that makes you that income and gets you to those goals, it’s people work, so you’ve really got to spend time with the people.