You may have heard before that the money is in the follow-up, and its true. Many network marketing business owners drop the ball when it comes to following up with customers and prospects.

Lydia Martin, shares her system and some of the tools she uses to  follow-up.

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Raw Transcript

Network Marketing Followup Tips

Lydia Martin: Follow up is huge.

Colin: The other part where we drop the ball when it comes to follow up is that initial contact when you meet that initial prospect. It may not be the right time for that person, but you forget to…

Lydia Martin: The tracking

Colin: How do you recommend directors going about coming up with a system that they can actually track their prospects through a process?

Lydia Martin: The system is key. When you have systems, that’s what helps you. Now, these days, I won’t say how I used to track before, but now everything for me is right here.

Colin: We got to stop talking about catalogs.

Lydia Martin: Right. I think there are so many great products and productivity tools out there that are going to help you with that tracking and today it’s all about is the information always with you.

If this is what works for you then use this, but then this always needs to be with you because you want to maximize those times when you run into someone at the grocery store who says, “Oh, my goodness, I need to buy such and such” or “I want to have a party.”

If you have no way of capturing that information right then and there, for me it’s as good as gone. I learned very quickly post-it notes got lost.

I wouldn’t remember, and how many missed opportunities we have when we aren’t consistent about tracking.
I definitely am an Evernote gal.

I track everything in Evernote what I love about Evernote the most is its tagging system, so when I enter in someone’s contact information,

I tag them according to the type of lead they are. I can tag them as a recruit lead, as a July lead. You can tag them by month, by type, by whatever, and then the great thing about Evernote is you just type in July lead and now I have all those people who said, “I want to have a July party.”

They’re all in here ready to go, and then I can check them off. It just helps me. Somebody else said they love Evernote as well. It’s just a huge productivity tool for me.