One of the most popular questions I get from Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Home Business owners is, “How do I recruit more business partners into my Home Based Business?”

Most times they are surprise my by response.

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My response  is  usually get more “customer referrals”.

When most home based business owners are thinking about how to get more network marketing prospects many of them over look customer referrals.

The tips I’m going to share is a bit different, but I think will be helpful.

I think the better question is ”how do I get referrals from my current customers?”

In many Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies, you’re selling the product, or a service.

One way a lot of Home Business business owners drop the ball is by not asking their existing customers for referrals.

Many home business owners ask their customers if they’d like to join the business opportunity. But many times the answers is “no,” and the conversation ends there.

But that don’t have to be the case. This is the perfect time to ask your customers for referrals, for your business opportunity and your product or service.

Here is a simple process for asking your customers for referrals for your business opportunity.

* Deliver excellent customer service when someone buys your product or service.

* Keep your customer updated about deliver status of the product or service.

* Following up with your customer to make sure they received the product.

* A week after the product has been delivered, follow-up again to see how they are liking the product, or if they are having any issues using it.

* Offer help tips and tutorials on how they can get ideals results from their purchase.

This process helps you to continue to nurturing the relationship so now when you do ask for a referral, your customers are confident enough to say, “You know what? I like this person. I like how they’ve done business with me. I like the product and I like the service I received.

They are now have confidence when they refer someone to you for a product or business opportunity you’re offering .

Here is a simple script you can use when asking existing customers for a referral.

“Hey, do you know anyone that would like to make some extra money doing what I do?”

More than likely, they, your customer, since they’ve been satisfied with you, they will be able to, right off the top of their head say, “You know, I know a few people.”

Always ask “Hey, can I get in contact with them? Can you refer them to me?

Tell your customer how to introduce to the potential referral.

Forward them a sample introductory e-mail with an outline on how you’d like to be introduced.. That’s a good way to get started.

Also, ask your for the referral name and phone number. Be proactive about getting the referral contact information, and immediately following up with them.

When contacting the referral, quickly let them know how you were introduced to them. This is a great way to build rapport quickly.

I hope this video offer you some useful tips on how to get more customers referrals for your business.

Customer referrals is one of the best ways to quickly build your Home Based business.