Most home business owners are looking for ways to improve their productivity.

Get more out of the limited time they have to spend on their business. Lydia Martin, shares some very clever tips on how to use Google calendar to be more efficient your business.

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Raw Transcript

Google Calendar Productivity Tips for Home Business Owners:

Colin: What is another productivity tool that you would recommend for network marketers and direct sellers?

Lydia Martin: I would totally be lost without Google calendar as well, for sure. It’s so funny, I had Google calendar for a long time and just used it to enter events, but I did not use all of the other features. I didn’t …

Colin: What are some of those features? Because I just use it for events right now …

Lydia Martin: Okay, well and like I … I use this for events but just here’s one tip. Okay, so for our team, we have a call, a check-in call, daily and how many conference calls have you been on where you dial the number, you wait, they say, “What’s the access code?” You have to go, “Okay, where’d I put the code? Where’s the code? Hit the pound sign.” This is the simplest little tip, and those of you that know it you can laugh at me if this is just a no brainer, but I put in the phone number and location.

When you add it as an event, go to location, put in the phone number, comma, comma, the access code, and pound.
That gets saved in there, right? Now on my calendar, when I click on it, I just … And open the event, it’s a live link, I just tap it. It dials the phone number.

The comma, comma makes it wait until the person says, “What’s you access code?” It dials the number for … I mean, how many times have we been on the road having to connect to a call. You can’t be like, “Where’s the number?” Type in the … All I do is hit a button and I’m going to that call with the access code.

It’s that something you knew Colin? Is it just me that was excited when I learned that?

Colin: I’m trying to be cool right now but I’m so excited to get that tip. I did not know that.

Lydia Martin: It’s all [inaudible 00:01:43].

Colin: Struggle of trying to drive and with one hand and trying to put the code in and then you’re pressing the wrong button …

Lydia Martin: It’s so dangerous! Yeah, so dangerous. That little tip … I have learned to put phone numbers, addresses, anything that Google will turn into a live link, in the location or in the notes.

Colin: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Lydia Martin: I find the location section is actually the best spot to put it, because it just comes up. As soon as you tap, it’s right there at the top and you just … Location is huge, because what I used to do when I would book a party is go to Contacts, and put in all my host information there.

Well, then when I got to go to a party, I got to search for them. I found it so much easier to just set their party in the date and put their actual address in the location and then that way as soon as I tap it, it takes me right to Google Maps, open … Or iMaps or whatever you’re using.

Colin: Right.

Lydia Martin: I have nothing to type in when I’m going to a party. That was huge for me.

Colin: That’s definitely huge because I didn’t know that and I think it makes a big difference to me right now, especially with the comma, comma …

Lydia Martin:Yeah.

Colin: [inaudible 00:02:50]

Lydia Martin:That’s huge. You’re going to be very excited. I always store my phone numbers in that spot and then of course, if you have a weekly call, you just create an event that repeats.

Colin: Right.

Lydia Martin:The phone number is always there and another thing people don’t ever think to do, because sometimes you’re like, “Oh no, I scheduled that party, I don’t even know when the date is.” You know to pull down … I don’t know how to do it on an Android phone of course, but to search. Some people don’t … They think they have to go on their calendar and kind of scroll and search, enter that name or that location, or whatever. Boom. It’s going to pop up.

Colin: Yeah.

Lydia Martin:A lot of people don’t think to use the search bar.