There is more than one way to build your network marketing business. According to Lydia Martin, you should look at your business as three-legged stool, and use a mix of strategies to grow your business.

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7  Ways To Build  Your Network Marketing Business

Colin : Let’s go into growing your business. How do you recommend business owners go about growing your business in the environment you are?

I know the internet, it seems to be the place social media seems to be the place.

I think a lot of people get lost in doing it correctly or, I don’t want to be mean, and say it makes a lot of people lazy. What is your recommendation when it comes to going around growing

Lydia Martin: I think of it as a wheel, okay? If you are only going approach your business with one spoke, your whole thing is, “I am only going to promote my business through social media.”

That’s a wheel with one spoke. It doesn’t continually turn. It’s going to stop. Or like a three-legged stool or something, that’s just one leg. It’s not very secure.

You really got to open yourself up to variety, I think. Sure, there are tons of people being successful on social media and then there’s tons of people being successful with the home party, with vendor events, with fundraising.
I think a lot of people, when you come into whatever company you start with, you have this one-track vision.

You think, “Okay, I’m going to try this,” and if that doesn’t work, you think, “This wasn’t meant for me,” but that’s not true.

That one area may not have been what’s going to work for you, but if you just try this and maybe a little of this, it may completely change the growth of your business.

I know people who have just struggled with bookings forever and then they get on a fundraising passion because maybe they’re all about helping causes.

That’s their mission and that’s what they’re promoting to people and all of a sudden now they have this massive business from creating, from fundraising efforts.

You don’t limit yourself to one thing. I think making connections while you’re out and about. We don’t have to just be online. Why not connect with people in the grocery store?

There’s all kinds of ways to strike up conversations and get to know people.

Networking events in your town, that has been huge for me. Connecting with local businesses and investing and referring people to them and then they refer people to you.

There’s just a lot of ways to get your name out there, to get to know people and promote your business.