It’s day 4 of the 30 Day Network Marketing Challenge.

Today I will share with you how a 7 minute Periscope that changed my business.

I was not consistently doing one of  the most essentials task every  Home Business owner and Network Marketer should be doing,  prospecting. I was having come success in my business, but I was afraid to talk to everyone about my business. I just chalked it up to fear of rejection.

Then a a few months ago, I saw the title “Why People Don’t Prospect” pop up in my Periscope notifications and it grabbed my attention. It was a scope by Ray Higdon my Mentor (He don’t know it, yet :).

During this scope it felt like he was talking directly to my. And I had a much needed breakthrough, that has changed my business.

I realized the real reasons I was not prospecting was not fear of rejection, but It was several other things.

  • I position self-image higher than my desire to cause change and make a difference in other people lives
  • I was consumed about what others thought about me
  • I did not want to be seen as greedy or selfish

The light switch went off in my head, and he way I  prospect has changed.  I now focus on how I can serve my potential business partners and customers.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that some people will not care for me, and that’s cool. And I know that I offer real value that has a price in the market place.

But most importantly, I stopped focusing on who can I sign up, how can I close, I just started focusing on who is open to what I have to offer.  If they are not open to what I offer I stopped taking it as personal rejection.

because of this new approach,  I’m enjoying the prospecting process even more.

So it’s over to you, what are the reasons you don’t prospect? Is it any of the reasons Ray talks about in the video below?

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Here is the video that Ray talks about the real reason people don’t prospect.