How to find the best marketing method for your business, based on your time, talent, and budget, plus what you’re willing to learn, and do!

I had the honor of interviewing Rob Fore, a seven figure earner in the Affiliate marketing industry.

Rob shared what he would have done sooner to grow his business faster online.

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How to find the best marketing method for your business

How to find the best marketing method for your business.Based on your time, talent, and budget, plus what you're willing to learn, and do! For more free training, visit http://FollowColin.comRob Fore, a 7 figure Affiliate Marketer and Network Marketer shares exactly how to find the best marketing method for your business. Raw Transcript :Here we are in Austin, Texas, at Live the Dream 7. Pretty awesome, amazing event. We have six figure, multiple six figure, even seven figure income earners here.Like yourself?Yeah. Sharing what they do, why they do it, and all that. It's really cool. This is going to be a great day, right.Absolutely, looking forward to it. Here's the question: What would you have done sooner, when you got started?I think the best thing you can do … What would've changed everything, is when I got in, I just got overwhelmed and confused. I looked at everything, it was like a big banquet table. Taking tasties of everything, let's do Twitter, let's do Instagram, let's do blogging. You just get overwhelmed and confused. It seems, the better choice would be to spend seven to ten days, research marketing methods. Let's say there's twelve of them, don't do anything, don't buy anything, just research the methods, and then be very honest with yourself. Based on my time, my talent, my budget, and what I'm willing to learn, and do, and commit to, pick one marketing method and spend the next six to twelve months mastering that. Then, automate it the best you can, and move on. For example, you might think, "Blogging's awesome.". Well, if you haven't written since high school, and when you did write, you sucked, blogging's probably not a good choice. See what I mean, so find something that matches you, then go match for that market.Awesome. Tell us where we can find you.robfore.comThat's a good place. Good talking to you.Thanks.Get more free training content at:

Posted by Colin Yearwood on Thursday, September 1, 2016