Health & Wellness Network Marketers: 3 Steps For Building Your Business Online

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Norbert Orlewicz. He�s one of the co-founders
for the top online marketing educationÂplatforms that teach home business owners
how to build a successful business online.

He is also one of the smartest guys I know online! 🙂

I asked Norbert,ÂHow Can Health & Wellness Network Marketers Build Their Business
for Long-Term Success?

He broke down my question into a straightforward process that you can implement,
beginning today.

Before diving right into the answer, Norbert explains that the concept of attraction marketing,
the fundamentals and the most important things to think about.

�Marketing is Marketing; it doesn�t matter what niche you�re in.� All you need to understand
are the basic principles. – NorbertÂOrlewicz

Understanding Online Marketing Basics

They are three core basics when it comes to marketing online.

Build Audience

Find and build an audience with the problems that your product solves. If your product provides
better energy, weight loss, etc. then build your audience around those issues.

Engage Audience

Engage with them to build the credibility, trust, and the authority.

Sell Audience

Only then after working through steps one and two should you recommend your product.
When you do, Sell the solutions.

Where To Find Your Potential Customers Online

Now you might be thinking �alright I can do this!� but where should I start building my audience?
There are many options such as a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Regardless of where you�re building your audience, Norbert says it merely boils down to you
picking one of the many Social Media platforms and focusing on this formula:

Online business building formula: Build Your Audience + Engagement = Sales

How To Use The Formula

It doesn�t have to be complicated. As Norbert goes on, he explains how a Jen Johnson took used
this formula to build her business.

Her strategy was to share her story with her audience, which led to engagement and sales.

Everyone in Health & Wellness has a story, and you need to share your stories.

Using a simple curiosity video, she told her story with the seven reasons for getting started in
her Health & Wellness company, what motivated her to get on the product and her goals to
lose up to 30 pounds.

It took people through her journey which made a huge impact on her audience.

Sell Without Selling

During the video, she never mentioned the product she was taking, about and she didn�t
pitch or try to sell either.

By sharing her journey with others, it piqued her audience curiosity which caused people to
reach out to her!

Imagine that feeling of not chasing down others but rather them reaching out to you!

That�s the power of attraction marketing. Leverage the formula, share your journey and
you too can have long-term success in your Health & Wellness business.

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Tracey Rose says November 9, 2017

Great reminder on how to break it down … Norbert and Jen are both such great marketers!

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