Not Hitting Home Your Business Goals? Here’s Why…And How To Fix It!

Are you continually missing the mark when it comes to hitting your goals?

Have you ever wonder why it’s so difficult for you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself?

In this blog post, I will share with you two reasons you’re not hitting your goals and how to change it fast!

Your Mindset and Beliefs Are Standing in The Way of Your Success!

“Entrepreneurship starts long before the business takes shape.”
-- Unknown

Entrepreneurship is a frame of mind. To conquer that which is physical, first, you must overcome that which is mental.

When you started your entrepreneurship journey, you brought along a lot of baggage with you.

You’ve been taught that to find success; you need to work for an established company or find a well-respected job. This negatively impacts your mindset and beliefs.

Most people who start a home business is unaware of the importance of working on their mindset and beliefs.

Instead, they focus solely on the how-tos and the latest strategies which causes them to get stuck and not hit their goals.

In many cases, this happens because you haven’t been able to create the necessary mental shift from “I can’t” to “I can learn how.”

What you say to yourself when no one is looking is the first thing you need to work on.

You need to develop the right mindset and beliefs before you can start seeing consistent results which will allow you to reach your goals.

Shifting From “Can I” to “I Can”

Your mindset is influenced by your past experiences.

Remember that baggage I mentioned earlier?

If you genuinely want to be successful in your home business, you need to adopt a new growth mindset.

You must believe you can grow your mind and abilities through dedication and hard work, and that you are capable achieving your goals.

One way to change your mindset is to decide to commit to your mission and set goals with emotional triggers that challenge your thinking.

When your goals trigger feelings of fear or procrastination, you know you’ve hit on something.

These feelings put us at a crossroad that forces us to either remain where we are or shift how we view our ability to achieve.

By leaning a new way of thinking, you are creating new experiences and a new mindset that will shape and influence your beliefs.

Belief Is A Choice and a Practice

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”
- Napoleon Hill

Belief is having faith and confidence that you will accomplish your goals.

It is a choice and a practice you must put into place daily.

Start creating belief practices today that you want to see become a regular habit.

Journaling is one thing you can do that will help you strengthen your beliefs.

Journaling works because writing down our thoughts give them a sense of tangibility.

You may find difficult challenging your current beliefs.

It's is okay. Sometimes just doing is the believing part.

If you stay on task and focus on accomplishing your goals, the results themselves will make a believer out of you.

Sticking to the plan even when you’re unsure is what will set you apart from the rest and catapult you into the success you’ve been dreaming of!

Tackle Your Biggest Goals First

You know that one goal you’ve got sitting on your mental shelf, covered in dust and all but forgotten?

The one that makes you feel anxious as soon as your mind wanders in its direction?

Tackle that goal first. The idea is to challenge your thinking and confront your fears.

No successful person has gotten to where they are without having to face a few fears.

Don’t focus too much on how you’ll get this goal accomplished just yet.

Start with believing that you can get it done.

Next, figure out where you want to go with it, then take action.

Break that big goal down into smaller goals.

Set time aside weekly or monthly to review your plan.

Make time to journal.

This will become a source of reference materials to reflect back on.

Create a roadmap and get started!

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