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How To Use Your Cell Phone To Grow Your Home Business

Join me live on Blab and discover  How To Effectively Use Your Cell Phone To Grow Your Business.

My guest will be Samantha Pointer-Foxx from Samantha helps owners to get digitally organized.

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How To Use  Your Cell Phone  To Grow Your  Home Business

Hey, thanks for checking out the video. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to effectively use your cell phone to manage and grow your home business.

If you’re like me, my cell phone is one of the most popular devices I have. Actually, I’m never without my cell phone. I panic when I can’t find my cell phone even for two seconds.

I thought about all the different apps and tools and tricks that I’ve used on my phone that have helped me manage my business, have helped me to stay in contact with my customers and clients.

I’ve put together a Blab. If you’re not familiar with Blab, we can talk about that at another time. You can go to and discover it. You can find me on Blab at

I’ve put together a Blab with Samantha Pointer-Foxx from Samantha and I- it’s Samantha’s gig actually, her business to help business owners to become more organized, especially with technology.

Samantha and I, we’re going to sit down and talk about different apps and tools you can use on your cell phone to better manage and grow your business.

I would love for you to join us. It will be on December 3rd at 9pm Central Time, and it will be on Blab. You can go to, and you’ll see there the link will be below.

On the Blab, Samantha and I will be talking about, as I said, sharing different tools that she uses and she recommends to her clients that will help them better manage your business, from tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Google Calendar, how to sync your information between multiple devices.

I know many of us use a laptop, use our cell phones, so we want to get all that information synced. Also some apps that will definitely make your business life a lot easier.

If there are any apps and tools that you use, you’d love to share, I would love know about it. Leave them in the comments below.

Let me know what apps you use to help you with your current business. As I said, I’d love hear about it. You can find me at or @colinyearwood on Twitter. Reach out to me. Let’s say hi. Take care.

Use Your Cell Phone To Grow Your Home Business

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Travis says December 2, 2015

I will be checking out your blab.

    Colin Yearwood says December 3, 2015

    Great, looking forward to seeing your there Travis!

Ron Deering says December 2, 2015

Great post Colin… I’m just starting to use my cell phone more and more…gets me away from the desk… haha…. thanks for sharing this..

    Colin Yearwood says December 3, 2015

    Yeah, it gives you some additional freedom. Thanks for stopping by Ron!

Keith James says December 2, 2015

I primarily use my cell phone to keep up with my social media. Sounds like a great Blab!

Sherri Brown says December 2, 2015

Great post!! I’ll have to check out blab as I’m not familiar with it. Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Lisa Thompson says December 2, 2015

I need to do more marketing with my mobile device. And I need to start using BLAB…thanks for the great tips Colin!

Dr. Lisa

    Colin Yearwood says December 3, 2015

    Dr. Lisa, you would do great on Blab. I’m looking forward to our Blab.

Kay Somji says December 2, 2015

Thanks for these tips, this provides so much leverage being able to do things from our phones nowadays.

Emi says December 3, 2015

Hi Colin,
I agree, It’s very handy to have your business on the go- using your phone 🙂

    Colin Yearwood says December 3, 2015

    Especially if you’re working a full-time job!

Artur says December 3, 2015

I just discovered blab this morning, its really awesome. Thanx for sharing your tips.

    Colin Yearwood says December 3, 2015

    Oh cool! Follow me: and join me on my future Blabs.

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