Twitter Lead Generation Strategy For Home Business Owners

Twitter Lead Generation Strategy For Home Business Owners

Using social media to generate leads can be difficult. But I have found Twitter to be one of best social media platforms to connect with my idea customers. Twitter allows meet to interact with prospects both locally and internationally.

In this video I will share my Twitter lead generation strategy. You will learn how to quickly identify, locate, and connect with your ideal prospects, plus lots more.

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Raw Transcript 

Twitter Lead Generation Strategy For Network Marketers

Hey, thanks for checking out the video. So, you want to get more leads and prospects from Twitter, right? Twitter is one of the easiest places, in my opinion, to connect with people, actually connect with a lot of local people, people who live in your community, in your area.

Before you go ahead connecting with these people, there are a few things you need to do. I will share those things in my Twitter Lead Generation Strategy For Home Business Owners.

We’re going to jump right into it right?

You definitely have to figure out who your ideal customer is, who your ideal prospect is. I know that’s one of the things I talk about a lot when I speak to home-based business owners, network marketers, and direct sales business owners, is that a lot of times you have a product and service and you always tell me, “Well, anyone can use it. Anyone can buy it. Anyone can benefit from it.”

That may be true, but it’s difficult to connect with everyone. The same market and message don’t connect with everyone. The thing that I recommend on Twitter is try to identify who your ideal target audience is.

When you’re able to do so then you can speak specifically to that audience on Twitter, and not only speak specifically to them, but you can use Twitter to find that specific audience you’re looking for. You can find a global audience or you can find a local audience. I always recommend starting out with a local audience.

Here’s a trick that I share to help people find who there ideal customer is. We talked about before, anyone can use your product and service, we made that assumption, right? It’s hard to market to everyone, as I mention.

What I let my clients know is do this simple exercise. What I call it is the what I like method. What is basically is write down five things that you like, you’re interested in, that you’re currently passionate about other than your business, right?

I know we all have those things. For me it’s exercise, work out, weight loss, diet, Nashville, I’m loving Nashville right now. For other clients it’s been exercise, different kinds of exercise programs, it’s been cooking, crafting. Whatever you’re interested in, dancing.

Then drill down on those subjects. If you’re interested in dancing, what kind of dancing are you interested in? Are you a salsa dancer, ballroom dancer? Do the Zouk?

Yeah, that’s one of my favorite. You figure out five things. Come up with a list of five things that you’re interested in right? After you come up with those five things, now you will seek out people on Twitter who are interested in those same things.

Why I share this method, and why I like using this method is number one, it becomes very easy for you to connect with these prospect, connect with these new followers on Twitter, because you have something in common, right?

If you’re a salsa dancer that lives in Nashville, and you search and you follow a salsa dancer that lives in Nashville, they check out your profile, they feel that connection right off the bat. It gives you an open, it gives you a connection with that prospect.

Now then you can take it to the next level and start reaching out, prospecting them and nurturing and building that relationship, but that is my number one trick for finding your ideal customer on Twitter is use the What I like method, right? I call it the will method.

Write down five things that you currently like and are interested in, drill down to be very specific, and then you can go about looking for people who have the same interests on Twitter.

Now you may [mention 00:03:32] where’s the link with this to my business? Well, more than likely if they’re interested in salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, whatever you’re interested in you can build a relationship, start a rapport and when the time is right introduce your business to them, introduce your product and service to them.

It makes the prospect easier rather than just pitching your product and services to any and everyone. You don’t have a connection, they don’t have a reason to get in contact with you.

Hopefully this helped, and you can implement some of these steps. If you have any other questions, you would like to know a little bit about more about these methods that I share, there’s a few more videos going to be coming talk a little bit more about how I’ve build a niche specific audience on Twitter.

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Ron Deering says November 30, 2015

Great post Colin…. love the twitter tips and love our new blog… thanks for sharing this…

    Colin Yearwood says December 1, 2015

    Thanks for for stopping by Ron!

Timothy W. Bethune says November 30, 2015

Do you only use twitter or do you use other media. How hard is twitter to build with.

    Colin Yearwood says December 1, 2015

    I use Twitter and Facebook, but I really love Twitter. Building your business on twitter is not that hard, like every thing you have to be consistent. I spend about 15-30 minutes a day on Tiwtter and have conversations with 3-5 new people every day.

Emi says November 30, 2015

Hi Colin,
Twitter is an excellent way to reach out and make connections, especially if you are short on time.
You are right, knowing your target market is crucial because if you don’t know who they are you won’t be able to speak their language and, of course, that will bring only the results that you are not shooting for.
Thank you for sharing!

    Colin Yearwood says December 1, 2015

    Yes, speaking your target audience language is so important. Thanks for stopping by.

Sherri Brown says November 30, 2015

Great tips! This will really help anyone looking for info about Twitter. Thank you!

Dr. Lisa Thompson says November 30, 2015

Wow…you hit it out of the park with your video and blog! Loved the Twitter tips and I will definitely be incorporating them into my marketing strategy!

Thanks for sharing your value 🙂

Dr. Lisa

Mark Nelson says November 30, 2015

Thanks. I don’t know much about twitter. Have an account but I don’t tweet very much

    Colin Yearwood says December 1, 2015

    Don’t worry about Tweeting a lot. Use it to connect with people.

Christa says December 1, 2015

thanks for sharing, great tips for twitter that I will use

    Colin Yearwood says December 1, 2015

    Thanks for stopping by.

Anthony says December 18, 2015

Awesome job Colin!!

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