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Consistency vs Quantity – Which Is Best For Your Network Marketing Business


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Consistency  vs Quantity – How To Get Network Marketing Success

When I worked, it was trying to prioritize. In this next hour … If I’ve only got this hour, what is the most important thing that I need to work on?

I wasn’t always good at this. I’ve learned this, like most of us, the hard way. How many times have we spent 40 hours in a week, and we look back and we go, “What exactly did I use it on this week?”

Because we’re just always trying to push papers or read emails or things like that. Back then, it was like, “What do I need to do to really get where I want to go?”

I was always trying to maximize the time I had, but always scheduling that time. I mean, I worked my business in some way everyday.

Whether that was talking to someone in person, following up with someone, working, closing shows, whatever it is. The consistency is what kept me going. Absolutely.

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