Setting Smart Network Marketing Goals – 30 Day Network Marketing Challenge Day 2

30 Day Network Marketing Challenge Day 2 – Setting Smart Network Marketing Goals

Welcome to day 2 of the 30 Day Network Marketing Challenge. Today we are going to set SMART goals for your Network Marketing business, and talk about why they are important.

You will also create your vision statement for what you would like your business to look like in the next 30 days.

Personal Development Tip Of  The Day

Choose How You Start Your Day – You can choose to start your day grumpy and irritable or you can choose to start your day grateful that you were given another chance to enjoy life and love.

The choice is always yours. Choose to wake up declaring out loud a few things you are grateful for and watch how this daily habit changes your day and your life.

What to do today!
Watching the video below, Setting Smart Network Marketing Goals, then write your SMART goals and vision statement for your business.

Active Marketing Task
Start a conversation with two of your friends to find out what their goals are when it come to the solution your business offers (Weight loss, healthy living, travel, lower monthly bills, make more money etc.). Share with them how SMART goal can help.

Join the 30 Day Network Marketing Challenge Community and share what your goals are.  We will do our best to help you accomplish them.

Join the 30 Day Network Marketing Challenge Community

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Alan Bean says January 19, 2016

great post, full of top information

George Azide says January 19, 2016

Love today’s challenge Colin. Setting a smart goal and then sharing it with people close to you really put you in a position to succeed. Noone wants to look bad to their friends by giving up on themselves.

Ron Deering says January 19, 2016

Powerful post Colin… setting smart goals is perfect… so much better than just setting goals that you can never achieve… thanks for sharing this

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